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October 2009

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Tamiflu, anyone?

Yesterday, was checking the "Domestic gigs" section of Craigslist, as per usual. (One never knows: could actually be something in there besides "Clean my filthy apartment so I can get my deposit back and I'll pay you $8 an hour.") And there was an ad for some people who, in addition to underpaying, stated that they would not consider anyone who had been to Mexico recently, or who had family or friends who had been to Mexico recently. "Because we have small children and are worried about the Swine Flu."

I fully expect those people to be wearing surgical masks to greet whomever appears for an interview.

I'm not sure if I'm so offended because it's another in the genre of ads from so many people who clearly consider anyone who cleans for cash to be an inferior species -- one recent poster stated that he saw no reason to pay more than $8 an hour for a job "a monkey could do" -- or because the emotion is masking that I am actually becoming a little anxious about the new flu.

On a scale of 1 to 10 -- or, "over by the next news cycle" to "Black Plague of the New Millenium" -- I think I'm now a "4." Or, "Probably won't affect me or anyone I know, probably no bigger a deal than a bad standard flu season. I hope. Fingers crossed."

How about you?


I'm concerned enough that I might avoid people who have recently traveled to Mexico or been in contact with known infected people. I stocked my kitchen should the CDC decide we need to start shutting things down to head off an epidemic. Otherwise... still interacting normally and encouraging others to do the same. As Obama said last night, wash your hands. ;-)