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Mar. 26th, 2009


Carmelita Latte: Drag queen or puppy?

The answer is: puppy!

My customers Oscar and Felix have adopted one of the tiniest puppies I have ever seen -- the product of an unplanned pregnancy between a toy poodle and a Chihuahua. She looks like a caramel-colored Chihuahua sprinkled with longer, wavy white hairs. It will be interesting to see how her coat turns out.

I'm not sure she even weighs a pound right now, at 9 weeks. She's expected to grow to six pounds.

She has two tiny pink puppy beds (one heated) and two pink bowls with "Diva" on the side. Can we say doted upon?

Oscar's two previous dogs were boxers. This is quite a switch.

I am looking forward to the benefits of puppydom -- the playing, the cuteness -- without the drawbacks: the potty-training, the leash training, the "Don't chew on that!" training. Much like with jtigermoon's puppy Remy.

Mar. 24th, 2009


So much for standardized testing

I was musing earlier today about how happy and safe it made me feel to eat a serving of chocolate ice cream. I added this to some information I received at Thorn's Chicago workshop about how my body size relates to feelings of safety. I decided to investigate information about emotional eating issues. I think I've pretty much licked them (no pun intended), but still . . . I keep putting off the whole dieting/exercise thing.

So what pops up on Google but a Psychology Today on-line test about emotional eating! Splendid!

According to said test, I have healthy attitudes towards food and body image.

I am not convinced.

Happy Day!

Happy birthday, sagamockingbird

Let there be cake. And ice cream.

Mar. 13th, 2009



Yet another reason to love California:

California representative says, "Legalize It!" to solve state's budget crisis

Oh, one of the state's killjoys says making marijuana legal will have horrid social costs. But the legalizing proponent points out that human societies always have used mind-altering substances, so the state might as well make a few bucks off its number one cash crop.

I hope they do it. They'll make tons of money, and probably save quite a bit from not having to enforce nonsensical drug laws. Tourism will increase. Gym membership will rise as residents fight the aftereffects of the munchies.

Sure, there'll be down sides. Just as some people can't handle alcohol, others can't handle pot. Most will probably be like my ex-husband -- a toke or two in the afternoon, followed by lots of TV watching and short-term memory loss. Or maybe he was just ignoring me. Hard to say. At least legalized, his habit wouldn't be substantially more expensive than tobacco or alcohol. And let's not get started on the social and medical costs of those two habits, both legal.

Ah, California, trend-starter, land of the grand social experiment. You have given us so much. Party on, dudes. And be excellent to each other.

Mar. 10th, 2009

at home

We are Not Well

Am home from yezida's "Sex, Will and Magic" workshop in Chicago. Which was amazing, life-affirming, and full of useful information both from yezida and my Godsoul. Which I would write more about, except . . .

I am unwell. Have returned with some dreadful ailment that is much like a cold, but with less congestion. Feel tired and icky, with headache.

Also have discovered that my mother now HATES her new shower curtain. I have counseled patience through this difficult time of adjustment.

Is good to be home with cat, reflecting upon many lessons learned over the weekend. One of which seems to be, never leave home without an umbrella. Much rain in Chicago. Much, much rain. Very easy to see how Lake Michigan remains filled. One would think a person of my ethnic background would carry the importance of raingear in her bones, but no.

So thanks to gayshaman for hosting jtigermoon and I in his chic pad. And thanks to jennlynn_green, artemis112 and shauna_aura for organizing the event. I shall now retire to the comfort of a fluffy blanket and hope I feel better tomorrow, when my glamourous career once again beckons.

Mar. 4th, 2009

at home

Home at Last

I am at last home from redecorating my mother's bathroom. After 15 years, Mom is sick of pink, gold and green motif. Dad is fine with it; he hates change. He's out of town until March 10; I'm out of town next weekend. Mom senses a brief window of opportunity, and strikes. The executive summary:Collapse )

Feb. 27th, 2009


We wants it, precious

Sighted today while stopping into local metaphysical shop, Pathways, to pick up a second copy of yezida's book, "Kissing the Limitless."

According to the author, newly found biographical info reveals that Mr. and Mrs. Blake were quite the Tantrists. One reviewer draws comparisons to the San Francisco Summer of Love. And his engravings were so much more erotic before the censors got to them. Hmmm . . . one of my favorite poets using sacred sexuality to fuel creativity. We must know more.

That's William Blake's Sexual Path to Spiritual Vision, by Marsha Keith Schuchard

Feb. 26th, 2009


A Delicate Problem

At last, major media attention is focused on what I consider to be one of the great challenges of our times: the inferior texture of toilet tissue made from recycled paper. See Mr. Whipple Left it Out."

I have tried every brand I could find at the supermarket, at Whole Foods, at Walgreens. All are thin, grey and scratchy. I was brought up on soft, white TP. I only used substandard, flimsy TP during times of great economic duress. It was with great pride that I traded up to soft, plushy paper again, and I have no desire to go back. Nor do my delicate personal regions.

I know there are cultures that don't use TP at all, preferring flowing water, or even (ugh!) a finger. In times of outdoor need, plantain leaves do very well. We've all heard the legends of the catalog pages used in the privies, or even (shudder) corncobs. I suppose the environmentally conscious among us could go to re-usable wipes, also known as washcloths, but the storage and laundry issues are unappealing.

I think solving this problem would be a worthy use of federal stimulus funds. Surely there is some renewable fiber, like bamboo, that could be used to save our trees and our backsides. It's not as glamourous as cornering the market on renewable power, but I do believe that it would be appreciated by the American public, several times a day.

This is an issue that even Republicans could get behind, and a natural for farm states. Write your Congressperson today!

Feb. 24th, 2009


Summoning the Will

"So many of our dreams at first seem Impossible,
then they seem Improbable,
and then when we summon the Will,
they soon become Inevitable."
Christopher Reeve

Found this on a Huffington Post story about manifesting dreams. Earlier today, Evolutionary Witchcraft fell open to the "Will" section when I'd picked it up to check out something else. Coincidence?


How have I fed my will today?

I drove past Steak N Shake instead of driving in to get a half-price milkshake. Instead of indulging in a day-off couch coma, I worked out. I sat. I worked on my marketing materials. I outlined a short story. I feel strong and fierce and powerful.

Have you fed your will today?

Feb. 20th, 2009


Sympathy for the Devil

I've reaching compassion for Dr. Y., who fired me yesterday. (I thought she meant to throw out a bag of shoes left by the trash; she didn't. Although she caught me before the shoes went to Goodwill, and all were returned safely, she canned me.)

She is not a happy person. Some of the things I wrote about her were unkind. I wish I had sat and made kala before writing, not after. I'm still angry, and still think I was treated unfairly. I'm still sitting with the larger question of how to forgive people who have treated me badly, and see their point of view, and be compassionate, and yet not be a doormat. It's a tough one.

But at least today, I'm getting there.

Accio Twins! Accio Peacock!

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